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Length polymorphisms
Length polymorphisms

The length polymorphisms in the following regions in the mitochondrial 
genome of each individual are listed either in html tables or in csv files.

Japanese centenarians data download
Parkinson's disease patients data download
Alzheimer's disease patients data download
Obese young males data download
Thin young males data download
Type 2 diabetes patients data download
Type 2 diabetes patients with angiopathy data download
Ingman (Nature 408: 708, 2000) data download
Finnila (Am J Hum Genet 68: 1475, 2001) data download
Herrnstadt (Am J Hum Genet 70: 1152, 2002) data download
Kong (Am J Hum Genet 73: 671, 2003) data download
Palanichamy (Am J Hum Genet 75: 966, 2004) data download
Achilli (Am J Hum Genet 75: 190, 2004) data download
Thangaraj (Science 308: 996, 2005) data download
Achilli, Rengo, et al. (Am J Hum Genet 76: 883, 2005) data download
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Locus Nucleotide position
Hypervariable region 1  303-317
CA repeat 514-523
C stretch 1 568-573
12S rRNA 956-965
C stretch 2 5895-5899
9-bp deletion/insertion 8272-8289
Hypervariable region 2 16180-16195